There are many reasons people might need a GPS tracking device:
PARENTS who want to monitor their child’s location
PARENTS who want to track where their vehicle is at
EMPLOYERS who want to track of their company vehicles
SALESPEOPLE who need to keep logs of their driving history
FLEET OWNERS who need to track where their delivery vehicles are at
or ANYONE who wants to be able to track their vehicle history or locate their vehicle if it’s lost or stolen!For more details-gps tracker.

The most important step in determining which GPS tracking device is best for you is by asking yourself one question:

Do I want (or need) real-time location information?

Real-time location information means whether or not you need to know where your tracker is at any given moment. This question is important, because it will determine which of the two types of GPS trackers to get.

There are two types of GPS devices: REAL-TIME/Active GPS trackers and Historical/Passive GPS loggers.

If YES, then a GPS Real-Time/Active Tracker is probably best suited for your needs.

If NO, then a GPS Historical/Passive Logger is more likely what you need.

Below is a summary of the differences between the two types:

Real-Time/Active Tracking GPS Trackers:

Location Updates – Every 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on model
Map Interface – Google Maps or Bing Maps
Device Cost – Varies, but usually slightly more expensive than passive loggers
Monthly Fees – Yes, cost varies by provider
Contract Required – Sometimes. Not all providers require this, but some do.
Detailed Driving History Reports – Yes, you can save and print these.
Live Speed Alerts – Yes, get notified if your child or vehicle exceeds a certain speed
Geofencing/Safe Zones Alerts – Yes, get notified if your child or vehicle enters or exits a certain area
Device Power – Both rechargeable battery power and hardwired vehicle models available
Historical/Passive GPS Loggers:

Location Updates – N/A, data is retrieved when you plug the device into your PC
Map Interface – Google Maps or Bing Maps
Device Cost – Varies, but usually slightly less expensive than passive loggers
Monthly Fees – No fees, just the one-time purchase price of the unit
Contract Required – No, there are no contracts because all you pay is the device purchase price
Detailed Driving History Reports – Yes, you can save and print reports
Live Speed Alerts – No, real-time information is not available with historical loggers
Geofencing/Safe Zones Alerts – No, real-time information is not available with historical loggers
Device Power – Powered by rechargeable battery
There’s no doubt that owning a real-time active tracker is more expensive than a GPS logger. But if you need real-time location information, then a real-time active tracker is the best way to accomplish this.


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